How to use a VPN to access online betting sites

Publish Date:2022/2/17 15:34

What should you do if you are in a country that prohibits online gambling, or if you cannot access an online bookmaker's website?

It is feasible to use a VPN. For many users, the first choice for using a VPN is the United States, because most VPN servers are in the United States. The connections provided by free and paid VPNs are also based on the United States by default, and the connection speed is fast. . Many users connect to a US VPN without even thinking about it.

But this will not work, because the United States also prohibits online gambling, and all those legitimate gambling sites are not open to US IPs. So you have to use a VPN to some countries that do not ban online gambling.

Therefore, a test method is derived to see whether a gaming website is legitimate and reliable. You can see whether it is open to the United States. Regular licensed gaming companies are afraid to open to the United States, because it violates the regulations on gaming licenses. .

Simply put, it doesn't matter if you're a user in the US or another country that bans online gambling, you can use a VPN to connect to a country that allows online gambling.

The following is a collection of countries that allow access to gambling sites, that is, countries that allow online gambling:






Of course there are many more, so I won't list them all. By analogy, everyone should know how to get online gambling sites.

Specific recommendations can include ExpressVPN, 360VPN, and Betternet VPN.

If the connection is not good, you can use a desktop computer, then use Betternet VPN, then set the VPN protocol to use IKEv2 (IPSec), and connect to the countries I listed above very quickly, and the speed is not bad.

To summarize, to visit the betting site:

You can use desktop computers or mobile devices, basically any VPN software, as long as you can use any VPN software to directly connect to VPN servers in countries that allow online gambling.

The following is the URL of 188BET for everyone to test whether it can be accessed. If "Error 403: Location Forbidden" is displayed, it means that this is a country that does not open online gambling.

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