How have online casino’s been inspired by Xbox gaming?

Publish Date:2022/4/6 19:05
How have online casino’s been inspired by Xbox gaming?

Gaming is an activity that lots of people all over the planet love to take part in. Xbox gaming is a classic example and lots of players regularly check out top titles on Microsoft’s popular console. Modern gaming though is not just about playing video games on consoles such as Xbox. There is a real diversity in the industry currently and this can be seen in the rise of online casino play.

iGaming has been on a rapid ascent lately, growing into a multi-billion-dollar sector. While there are many reasons behind this, online casinos themselves are a major factor. Simple to use, safe to try and easy to find online, they also offer top bonuses to gamers.

While you might not link playing video games on Xbox with iGaming, there are certain themes which seem common to both. This has mainly come about due to the inspiration internet casinos seem to have taken from Xbox play. But what might these be?

Constant innovation and development

As shows, the best online casinos are now backed by cutting-edge software and use the latest advances in technology to offer more to players, such as tech-heavy online payment methods and high-end cybersecurity features. This has enabled online casinos to move forward over time and offer a much better experience to customers. As a result, they have been able to grow in popularity and attract more players.

This has been inspired by the growth of video gaming in general and how this sector has constantly used the latest tech innovations to appeal to more people. Xbox gaming for example has made use of new consoles such as the Xbox Series X which use the latest processors, GPUs, hardware and chips to deliver a much better experience to players than was possible before to remain relevant.

Working with high-end game studios

In addition to casinos themselves being inspired by Xbox gaming, you also have to consider the similarities in terms of gaming partnerships across the two sectors. Microsoft for example have been careful to only work with the most creative studios and respected brands. It also has a high-quality threshold in terms of the games which they release to the Xbox community, as this The Wanderer: Frankenstein’s Creature review shows.

This has acted as an inspiration to online casinos it would seem, who are also very careful about which game studios they partner with. For example, all the top iGaming platforms are keen to carry games from big hitters like Microgaming and NetEnt. This is because they know these studios produce popular games which people not only like to play but also trust.

Exclusive games

Although you might not see this at every internet casino, more are starting to carry exclusive games – whether this is certain slots or certain types of table games. This basically means you can only play these exclusive games at their casino online. This can be a great way to attract more players, as people know they have to come to that site to play that game. If it turns into a very popular title, it can really pay off for the casino in question.

This idea of exclusive games is something which may well have been inspired by the world of Xbox gaming. After all, there are many Xbox-only games such as Forza Horizon 5. It would not be surprising to find out that online casino platforms had taken note of the attention that exclusive titles bring to the Xbox and decided to borrow the idea as a result.

Wide variety of games

We have already noted that working with the best studios is something online casinos may have been inspired to do through observation of Xbox gaming. iGaming platforms may also have simply seen the amount of variety Microsoft offers to its players and decided to head this route as well. There is no doubt after all that a large selection of titles in various genres is one of the main selling points when it comes to Xbox play.

Looking at the wide variety of games carried at most internet casinos, you can easily see where they may have taken their cue from. Whether it is the huge choice of slots in various themes, the massive range of table games, live gaming or carrying more unusual titles to stand out, it seems online casinos have adopted the same approach as Microsoft.

Online casino play inspired by Xbox gaming

When you start to look at how online casinos have grown and what they now offer to players, the parallels with Xbox gaming become clear. From using new tech to move forward to exclusive titles, partnerships with top studios and a wide variety of games, it seems these two gaming niches have a lot in common.

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