Sports betting wins the fan. Which modalities to bet on the team of your heart

Publish Date:2022/5/19 14:28
Sports betting wins the fan. Which modalities to bet on the team of your heart

Check out how to choose the modalities of one of the main passions of Brazilians: sports betting!

Undoubtedly, sports betting has contributed positively to the increase in Brazilians' passion for sports, especially football. Betting allows fans to participate in the match, especially when it involves their favorite team. Every game turns into a real final.

To increase the fun, the houses also offer a series of betting modalities, better known as markets. Currently, there are markets for the most diverse tastes, such as 1×2, Total Goals, Double Chance, Handicap, Corners and Correct Score.

If you were curious, and want to know more about the main types of betting, then you are in the right place! Here, you can check which are the best markets, what are the odds and how to choose a safe bookmaker, to make guesses on your favorite team, or on other teams, without any worries.

What are odds?

Basically, the odds indicate the probability of an event happening. This goes for all sports, such as basketball, boxing, volleyball and, of course, football. The odds are defined by the bookmakers, who carry out analyzes to determine the odd.

How do they work?

To understand how the odds work, nothing better than an example. Imagine a hypothetical scenario, where the traditional Boca Juniors is the clear leader of the Argentine championship. Meanwhile, Barracas Central, a club recently promoted to the first division, is in the bottom of the tournament.

The next round of the championship puts Boca and Barracas face to face in La Bombonera. In bookmakers, the odds for Boca Juniors to win is 1.22. The one for Barracas is 13.00. This means that Boca's probability of winning is high. And it also means that the return for every BRL 1.00 wagered is BRL 1.22.

Check out the following calculation and learn how to recognize the favorite to win:

1/22 = 0.8196 x 100 = 81.96%

That is, Boca Juniors has an 81.96% chance of triumph. To know the percentage of Barracas, the same calculation indicates that the team has only 7.69%. Therefore, Boca is the favorite in the duel, having more chances to win.

It is worth mentioning that to increase the chances of being correct at the time of the guess, the ideal is to follow the championship. It is necessary to seek information about the situation of the teams, such as retrospect, position in the table, suspended, suspended and injured players.

Data and statistics are also important. As well as knowing where the game will be and even the weather conditions. Any and all types of information make a difference in the guesswork.

What are the top 10 betting markets?

Now that you know what odds are and how they work, take a look at the top betting markets.

1. 1×2

The 1×2 market is the most simplified, ideal for those who are starting to venture into the world of online betting. In it, you can choose three options: team A win, B win or draw.

2. Total Goals

Total Goals refers to the number of goals scored by both teams in the match. The market allows two types of bets: more or less goals. If you believe that the match will be full of goals, why not choose the More than 3 goals option?

3. First Goal

The First Goal also has no secret, just point out which team will hit the net first. Also, you can say that neither team will score goals.

4. Double Chance

In Double Chance, you have the possibility to pin two events to happen in just one bet. For example: Team A win or draw. By choosing this option, you will win the bet if team A wins or draws. In other words, the possibility of winning increases.

5. Both teams score

In this case, just choose the options Yes or No. If you believe that both teams will score goals, choose Yes. On the other hand, if you think only one of the teams will score, select No.

6. Correct Result

The Correct Score market asks you to pin the exact score of the match. To win the bet, the game must end exactly with the score you entered in the bet.

7. Exact Number of Goals

As in the market mentioned above, in the Exact Number of Goals it is necessary to hit the exact amount of goals in the match, adding the two teams involved in the duel. The options start from zero to more than five goals.

8. Half-time/end of game

To profit at Half-Time/End of Game, you must indicate which team will win at the end of the first half and the winner at the end of the game.

To illustrate better, it is possible to bet that team A will win in the first half, but team B will take the victory in the second half and, consequently, will take the three points in the bag. Another option is to say that team B will win in the first half and in the second as well. Nine combinations are generally offered in this market.

9. Winning Margin

The purpose of the Winning Margin is to point out what the goal margin will be for team A or B to win. For example, team A will win by one, two or more than three goals. This also applies to B. It is worth remembering that the market allows betting on a tie.

10. Handicap

Handicap has no mystery. It was created in order to balance the strengths of the teams. Remember the example of Boca e Barracas? He fits in very well here. After all, it's a duel between Boca, the absolute leader of the championship, against Barracas, the last in the general classification. In other words, a strong team against a weak one.

In a game like this, the odds in the 1×2 market are usually unattractive, as the favorites' chances of winning are gigantic. That's where the Handicap comes in.

To even things out, bookmakers offer the -1 option, for example. So, if you select Boca Juniors -1, the club needs to win by two goals difference. It is as if Diego Maradona's favorite team entered the field at a disadvantage, losing by a goal.

Now that you know what the main markets are and how they work, here's how to choose a safe sportsbook.

How to choose a safe sportsbook?

The first step is to verify that the domain of the house has security certificates and carries SSL or TLS technologies, responsible for maintaining the secrecy of personal and financial information. In addition, you must take into account how long the house has been operating and what investments have been made in Brazil.

The existence of support entirely in Portuguese and the credibility among bettors also need to be taken into account. Not forgetting to check the variety of sports, markets offered and the competitiveness of the odds.

And you can find all this at KTO, a house present in Brazil since 2018, which supports Brazilian teams and athletes. KTO has security mechanisms against data leakage, humanized support, attractive odds and several championships in the most diverse sports.

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